3 things to say from CnP

30 March 2013

hellooo All!


First of all, Happy Easter to everybody :)


Second, hope you enjoy our Easter gift ..a couple of new shows were added today for you to watch :)


Third, we are shifting to cokeandpopcorn.CH

Please update your bookmarks.


One Last but REALLY important thing:

Some people are complaining that they are being forced to sign up or complete some stupid offers before they are given access to Coke & Popcorn.

CnP would NEVER do that!

Please be aware there are PLENTY of FAKE sites that are copying us and fooling people. They will use fake website domains with 1 or 2 characters that are different from the original.

Some examples: 

cokeandpoporn.ch     cokeandpopcrn.eu    (missing o)
cokeandopcorn.ch  (missing C)
cokeandpopcorns.eu  cokeandpopcon.com  cokeandpopcor.eu  and many many others.


All these will try to force you to sign up or fill silly offers and may infect your PC with crappy viruses.
Then they will just redirect you to us after they either steal your email or money.

MAKE SURE you go to ONLY one of the below:




(the below 3 work also but are bit slower than above 3)




An easy way to know if you are on the original CnP or not, just check,

if it isn’t in the list here, then its FAKE!
If we add more domains, we will INFORM you.
Do not be FOOLed by others.


Have a lovely weekend,



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11 January 2013




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10 January 2013

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